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Predator SB™ 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter


Dronium III AP Drone

Neo-Drone™ Mini RC Drone

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Protocol’s Neo-Drone Mini RC Drone sets the standard for performance, versatility, and fun!  This nimble little drone is king when it comes to speed and maneuverability…it corners like it’s on rails!  Plus with built-in 6-axis Gyro, it’s fully Toss ‘n’ Launch capable!  Neo-Drone performs combination maneuvers such as crisp banked turns and 4-way 360° flips — and in all four directions! 


• Maneuvers up/down, forward/backward, right/left, and side to side!
• Banked turns and 4-way 360° flips!
• Three selectable speeds
• 6-axis motion-sensitive auto stabilizers
• 2.4 Gig remote
• Measures 3.5”W (includes blade guard)
• Recharges directly through provided USB cord
• Remote requires 2 ‘AAA’ batteries (not included)


Box includes:

• Quad-Copter
• Remote
• Charging Cord
• Instruction Manual
• Replacement Blades

Ages 14+