Military – Drones have been used for military purposes since before the term “drone” was first coined by the British in the 1930s. Today, the military commonly uses drones for surveillance, strike missions, and situations where manned flight is too dangerous. Military drones can stay in the air for up to 17 hours at a time and can provide real-time images to those on the ground. Drone pilots are able to control drones from far away – even in other countries! Proponents of military drone use say that they allow for detailed surveillance and precise strikes without sacrificing troops.

Commercial - As the technology has improved and become more readily available, drones have been put to use for commercial purposes as well. Businesses mainly use drones for video and photography. For example, insurance companies can fly drones over homes to look at roofs and to get the full scope of damage in a claim. This is much safer and more cost efficient than sending a person up a ladder! Farmers can fly drones over their crops and fields and live stream images back instantly to see how well their produce is growing. They can even map irrigation systems for improvement and to maximize growth. Retailers are now looking into drone delivery services, using drones to deliver their product right to your doorstep!

Film – Artists, especially filmmakers, are now using drones to create expansive, aerial shots. Instead of hiring a cameraman and a helicopter to get that perfect aerial shot, producers can now use drones fitted with 4k cameras and drone pilots for a fraction of the cost. Shots that were once extremely difficult and too dangerous to attempt, are now easy to accomplish. Drones now make it easier for burgeoning artists to create the same kind footage that used to only be available to larger production companies with bigger budgets.

Because drones are able to go where people can’t, anyone with an imagination can come up unique and creative ways to put them to good use!

Shots that were once extremely difficult and too dangerous to attempt, are now easy to accomplish.