1. Vento Wi-Fi: This folding drone with live streaming camera is perfect for on-the-go drone enthusiasts. It folds up to 4.75” and fits in an included travel bag. Best of all, no remote is necessary (but is included) because Vento can be flown direct from the app.

2. Desk Racer: Tackle boredom on rainy days… or at work with this challenging 3D puzzle! Assemble the racers, wind the motors, and go!

3. Good For Hue: Enjoy your moment of zen with this 15-in-1 light bulb. The included remote allows users to alternate between colors and levels of brightness for the just right, falling asleep blue to the best cheer me up yellow. Flash and strobe settings are included for those impromptu dance parties.

4. All-in-One Boxing Set: Burn off that pumpkin pie with this All-in-One Boxing Set. Everything needed for set-up and a killer workout is in the box including an adjustable height stand, inflatable punching ball, and gloves. Just fill the base with sand or water and you’re ready to go! Best of all, an online exercise guide is included for newbies or pros who want to change up their routine!

5. Kaptur (not GPS): Photography buffs will love the 720p camera on Kaptur. Built with optical positioning and altitude sensors for hands-free hovering, this drone is seriously easy to fly. Live stream direct to the app and line up the perfect, aerial shot!

6. Fresh Kicks: Give the gift of sweet smelling shoes with these hilarious emoji sneaker balls. Twist and toss into your gym shoes and your loved ones will consider Fresh Kicks the best gift ever! A set of 6 is included so you can de-funkify that gym bag too.

7. 3D Printer Pen: Create the coolest, most personalized holiday decorations and gifts with this 3D Printer Pen. Just load the plastic filaments into the pen and draw away to make and repair ornaments, jazz up picture frames, and more. Additional filament packs are sold on our website to keep you drawing!

8. Puffasaurus Rex: These two little dinos managed to survive the Mesozoic Era! Use the nozzle to blow up the inflatable dinosaurs and you have a pair of 10” bouncy balls. They self-seal and are easy to deflate and will keep you laughing all the way through New Year’s.

9. 5-in-1 Hatchet: Never camp without one! Light and slim enough for a camp pack, this stainless steel hatchet packs in 3 box wrenches and a rope cutter. It’s also suited for cutting through brush and bushes on yard projects, chopping kindling for a fire, and many other around the house and outdoor projects.

10. Neo-Drone AP: Practice technique and stunts with this fast, little drone that can be flown indoors and out. The altitude sensor makes Neo-Drone AP ultra easy to fly and to perform 360° flips and banked turns. A training loop is included to polish off figure 8s and other cool maneuvers.